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Welcome to Skupe Net

The specialists in classified advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers.

Skupe Net's advertising technology platform Ad-Centric™ allows publishers to offer new and innovative advertising options to advertisers while also giving advertisers new ways to improve the performance of their advertising.

For Publishers | Online advertising solutions

Internet advertising is challenging every publisher's revenues. Publishers are facing dramatic falls in advertiser spending on Printed Classified and Directory advertising, with most of this advertising moving online. There are also changes happening online, with a move from simple display advertising (banners) to more interactive search based advertising. In order for a publisher to succeed in this changing environment it is vital that they establish their brand in this space.

Skupe Net's Ad-Centric™ server is designed to unlock online advertising revenues, enable publishers to grow their business and build their brand in the online advertising market. Skupe Net works with a growing number of publishers and provides services ranging from technology delivery as a service through to full management and outsourcing of their advertising service.

For Advertisers | Highly effective online advertising

Skupe Net delivers cost effective advertising for advertisers through a range of products and publishing partner relationships. Solutions include;
  • Classified advertising for UK Car Dealers via a network of publishers that includes and
  • Display advertising that delivers great response. Our Smart Banner Engine allows advertisers to incorporate their brand, inventory and message within one advert, giving a significant increase in the response rate of the adverts.
  • Cost-per-click for classifieds; ads-by-skupe provides a simplified way to acquire visitors to your website using 'classified listings' to automatically generate advert copy; this advert copy is then distributed across network publisher channels.
  • Skupe Net technology delivers highly scalable, robust classified listings websites. Our solutions are ideally suited to motoring, property and recruitment portals.